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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Job Vacancy: US NAVY(SEALs) Ongoing Recruitment 2018 | Full-time Career and Officer Levels - Apply Now

Vacancy: US NAVY(SEALs) Ongoing Recruitment 2018 | Full-time Career and Officer Levels
In America’s Navy, water and salt flow through our veins in the same proportion as the sea. That mighty force is the lifeblood of the greatest Navy ever to sail unstoppably upon it, slip stealthily beneath it or fly unchallenged above it. It shapes Americans from every corner of the nation into Sailors with the courage to protect liberty back home. Bonding us together with the commitment to serve with the utmost honor. The sea propels every one of our men and women to defeat or defend. To comfort or to awe. To victory or to the rescue.
We are America’s Navy. And we are all Forged by the Sea.
Key Responsibilities
  • Conducting insertions and extractions by sea, air or land to accomplish covert, Special Warfare/Special
  • Operations missions
  • Capturing high-value enemy personnel and terrorists around the world
  • Collecting information and intelligence through special reconnaissance missions
  • Carrying out small-unit, direct-action missions against military targets
  • Performing underwater reconnaissance and the demolition of natural or man-made obstacles prior to amphibious landings .
Available Positions
There are literally hundreds of distinct professional roles in dozens of exciting fields. And whatever you do – whether as an Enlisted Sailor or Officerserving full-time or part-time, STEM – you’ll find unrivaled training, support and experience in a career unlike any other.

  • Salary starting at $12,000 as Enlistment Bonus. Further payments will be made based on the US NAVY payment structure.
  • All serving or recruited USA Navy are entitled for an on the job training, which involves, training an applicants with highly sophisticated technical ammunition.
  • applicants must be physically and mentally fit
  • must be between the age gap of 18years and above
  • All Nationality can Apply
  • Ready to serve in any part of the world including the United states
  • Must apply onling via USA navy application portal.
How to Apply
  • Register for a personal account to enable you to complete the online application process all at once or to save your progress and return to complete it at a later date.
  • Confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided.
  • After providing all the required information as directed, you may then submit your online application.
Once received, a Navy Recruiter will contact you to further discuss and validate the information you provided.
First Name
Yes, I am above 18 years old
Application Deadline Is on May 24th,2018.
Upon selecting “Apply Now“, you will be directed to the U.S. Navy Online Application site. This is not a request for more information. Apply Online through given website.

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