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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Government of Ireland Fully Funded International Scholarships,2018 for Bachelors, Masters and PhD (4Years VISA)

The 2018 International Education Award from the Government of Ireland is now open.
Why study in Ireland
The Irish government invests more than € 782 million per year in research in higher education institutions
in Ireland. The impact of this funding is that higher education institutions in Ireland are now leading the
world in a growing number of areas.
Irish universities are at the forefront of research institutions in the world by 1% in terms of the impact of
research in 19 areas covering the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. This creates a unique
opportunity for you, at university and graduate levels, to join research programs that drive innovation and
change the lives of people around the world.
Ireland is also home to some of the best and largest companies in the world with major strategic research
facilities. In Ireland, you’ll find a unique ecosystem that allows academic researchers to work alongside
small local businesses and startups in partnership with some of the most powerful multinational companies on the planet through a joint research project. Developed by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.

Background and objectives
The internationalization of higher education in Ireland is an essential element in providing a high quality
educational, educational and research experience for students and staff and for creating an international
commitment to the sector. The Irish Government – International Education Grant Program (GOI-IES) was
established under the provisions of the Intergovernmental Education Strategy 2010-2015 and was
expanded under the new edition of Learners Worldwide Ireland (2016-2020).
The goal of GOI 2018-IES should reflect Ireland’s commitment to the objectives of the steps. The system
operates in the higher education sector, which is a society funded by the government and institutions of
higher education. Scholarships will be recognized as prestigious and reflect the core messages about
Ireland as an international learning center. The level of access to Ireland is expected to rise among many
prospective students for each grant winner.
How to apply
  • You must complete the full portion of the online request
  • Late applications will not be accepted
  • Applications must be submitted online

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